Friday, June 29, 2007

Ebay Sellers on Squidoo - Version 2

I've been working on the directory I created for eBay Sellers on Squidoo and I would love to get your comments.

Squidoo ranks very high in Google search so I thought I would bring eBay sellers together in one place and see if we could drive some traffic your way. You will only get out of this what you put into it so take a quick moment to add your eBay Store, Website, blog or Squidoo page to the directory. This directory is for eBay sellers and former sellers worldwide so my Brit and Aussie friends please add your links also.

The traffic that is generated is not substantial right now but it will build, so add your store or items to the directory today.

You can't beat free. And if I can get some of my fellow eBay bloggers to mention the directory that would help move things along.


Trevor Ginn said...


this is very decent of you but looking at our eBay shop stats about 95% of our traffic comes from the eBay search, and only a fraction from third party sites. I fear that sites like squidoo and actually make very little difference to store traffic and sales. Do you know of any businesses where there has been a Squidoo effect?


Randy Smythe said...

Trevor, the Squidoo effect works well with the sellers that made eBay what it is. Small hobby, collectibles, etc. As the traffic builds over time sellers will see an impact. Several small sellers are already getting upwords of 10% of their sales through Squidoo links. Mookiegifts at says she is getting 13% of her daily orders from Squidoo.

It isn't really for big sellers because there isn't enough bang for their buck but small sellers can build customer loyalty and grow their business slow and steady.

It's just like earning income from a blog. When I started I was happy to get any adSense revenue in a day, now I'm disappointed if I don't get $2 or $3 dollars a day. Still not much money but it is trending nicely. Top bloggers take upwards of 2 years to make a decent income from their blogs. Squidoo is much the same. I get about 5% of my daily visitors from Squidoo. That is 5 I might not have received any other way.