Monday, July 2, 2007

Maybe eBay Is Listening!

I just checked eBay's announcement board and found an interesting post: Making eBay Better Than Ever - Get a Sneak Peek

It looks like eBay has determined that giving buyers and sellers a heads up on changes coming to the platform makes sense. I could have told them that years ago. Here are some of their new initiatives. I think all sellers need to check these out to see how their business may be affected and give eBay feedback while there is still time to make changes.

  • There is The Playground where you can see how the site looks with Finding 2.0

  • There is the new Sneakpeak site where you can see what changes are coming down the pike to other areas of eBay.

  • And there is the new Disruptive Innovation site where you can see how eBay is changing the landscape.
Information is a good thing, now sellers can get a heads up on the changes eBay is contemplating. Is the new FeeForcast site the next site to be announced. (I doubt it)

As much as I complain about the lack of information this is a small glimmer of hope that eBay is changing for the better.

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dsh1972 said...

The biggest change I see is they gave a few employees their own blog to discuss what they are doing within the company. It looks like this even surprised the employees.