Monday, June 11, 2007

eBay Live 2007 Coverage

I've been to all but one eBay Live -- I missed Vegas for obvious reasons. I believe this will be the most important eBay Live of them all. eBay is at a crossroads and needs to make changes that will re-invigorate the marketplace. I can't wait to see what they have in store.

For on-going coverage of the conference please tune into Ina Steiner's Podcast's and the Auctionbytes website.

I will be covering the conference as well but from a completely different perspective. I hope to meet with sellers large and small and hear their eBay story. I should be able to post at least once a day at the conference so check back.

And of course you can also get great coverage of eBay Live! from Chris and Sue at


Sue said...

Not to mention never-been-to-Live-before, excited-Brit coverage on TameBay :-D

(sorry to spam!!)

Randy Smythe said...

That's not Spam Sue. I thought I had added Tamebay to the post. Thanks for commenting so I could see the error.

BTW, see you in Boston.

Sue said...

Thanks for the link, see you there :-D