Thursday, May 17, 2007

Throwing In The Towel On eBay Stores!

One of my favorite eBay Stores Board posters has made the move. As of today 5-17-2006 she has shut down her eBay store. While, she will continue to sell in CORE she just felt it was time to shut down the store.

Perhaps, we could call her leaving "collateral damage" to eBay's efforts to improve the buyer experience but it isn't collateral to her. As you can see from the picture above, she had 100% feedback, with over 4,000 positives and 5 stars across the board with Feedback 2.0.

She is a perfect example of the types of sellers that are leaving eBay Stores. For many of them it no longer makes sense for their business.

Postcardsandmore, you will be missed.


The Movie Valley said...

I'm right behind Postcardsandmore. I'm right now preparing everything I need to close my eBay store. I'm not a big fish like Postcardsandmore and the other existing sellers on eBay. I started doing this just to earn a little extra cash and to have fun. Well fun is all I had. eBay has really worked hard to drive us little people away and it's working. They do not need us.

Randy Smythe said...

Sorry to hear that Movie Valley! I understand more than most. I shut down Glacierbaydvd because even if I restructured again the upside for my business was limited.

Now a year and 5 months later other sellers are having to make those same decisions. Good luck!