Sunday, March 11, 2007

Squidoo is what eBay's My World Should Be.

I've been playing around with for a couple of days now and have come to one conclusion. This is what eBay's My World Profile should be.

In an perfect world, if eBay weren't so determined to control the universe, the My World profile would allow sellers to generate incremental income from the content they create while expanding their ability to connect with their customers and maximize their marketing efforts. Imagine if you had a Squidoo Lens with eBays traffic. Of course we don't live in a perfect world so sellers that are creative end up going off of eBay to find tools like to help them connect with their customers and network with other sellers and heaven forbid, generate incremental income.

The money you make at may be small initially but if you use it as a tool for finding new customers connecting with existing customers and networking with other sellers your business will be better for it. Check out my Seller Evangelist Lens on Squidoo (I know the name sounds a little weird but it grows on you).

Just my 5 Cents!

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Frank Ross said...

There's a big different in origins between the two. Squidoo was created by non other than Seth Godin in a true Web 2.0 mindset; mind on ever forward as Seth does so well. eBay was created long ago in Web 1.0 and the creative forces at eBay seem to have long ago left the building.

I’d love to eat that last statement, but I still haven't seen anything truly exciting come out of eBay in the longest time. I have never been able to get comfortable in eBay's version of Web 2.0 (eBay blogs and Myworld) for fear of stepping on one of their TOS toes. Fear of the ever growing TOS rules stifles creativity for me.

That's my 5 cents, so we have dime (or a para-dime).