Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Ask Bill Cobb a Question!

I am hoping to get 10 minutes with Bill Cobb at a conference next week in North Carolina. If you had the opportunity, what one question would you ask him? I will gather all of the questions together and ask as many as I can and report back. Please keep the questions civil. Thanks!

You if you have a Squidoo Lens you can ask your question on my Lens. (A Lens is similar to a MySpace profile).


Mountie said...

Hi Randy - could you ask him why the US get all the new features worth having like Markdown Manager before the rest of the world? And at that same time why the rest of the world get used as a test bed for changes such as feedback 2.0 with US sellers assured it won't be inflicted on them until it's running smoothly?

Perhaps he would care to explain why our feedback is so unimportant it can be experimented on but the US sellers feedback needs protecting?

Does he actually realise that countries like the UK are more pro eBay with higher spends per capita than the US and so are actually leading the way and not just guinea pigs for .com?

Randy Smythe said...

Hi Chris, I have yet to get confirmation on my 10 minutes but if I speak to him I will certainly pass your question on.

My guess is I will get several no comments!